Tips to Keep Generators Running Smoothly
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Tips to Keep Generators Running Smoothly

Tips to Keep Generators Running Smoothly

May 24, 2023

Aproperly maintained generator can run smoothly for years - allowing you to get the most out of your investment and ensuring that you won’ t be left without power unexpectedly.

Check Fuel and Coolant Levels

How often should you change the fuel? lt depends onseveral factors, including the brand of your genset,climate and usage of your generator, etc. On average,it is recommended to change the generator oil after50 or 60 hours of first use.

Clean up the Fuel Tank

Cleaning the fuel tank is essential. lt helps preventvarious problems such as filter clogging and sedimentbuildup.

Stay Tuned for oil Level

As the oil acts both as a lubricant and as a cooler itshould not be at a level below the recommended level.The lack of cooling can cause the loss of oil pressure,generating increased temperature and causing risk forthe operation of the generator and the environment.

Test it Regularly

lt's a good idea to run your generator everymonth or so.This helps you pinpoint any

issues early on, such as odd smells or strangenoises. lt also keeps your generator lubricateand ensures the carburetor is working。



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