Basic knowledge of generator sets (one)
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Basic knowledge of generator sets (one)

Basic knowledge of generator sets (one)

July 19, 2023

1. Why do we require customers to install the diesel generator set, the exhaust pipe should be inclined downward by 5-10 degrees?

The main purpose is to prevent rainwater from entering the exhaust pipe and causing major accidents.

2. Why is the outlet voltage standard of the generator 400V instead of 380V?

Because the line after the outgoing line has a voltage drop loss.

3. Why does it need to replace the engine oil and oil filter after the new machine has been used for a period of time?

During the running-in period of a new machine, it is inevitable that impurities will enter the oil pan, causing physical or chemical qualitative changes in the oil and oil filter.

4. Which six systems are included in the basic equipment of diesel generator sets?

(1) Oil slipping system filling (2) Starting system (3) Exhaust system (4) Cooling system (5) Control protection system (6) Fuel system

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