Basic knowledge of generator sets (two)
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Basic knowledge of generator sets (two)

Basic knowledge of generator sets (two)

July 19, 2023

1. Generally, diesel engines are equipped with manual oil pumps and exhaust bolts. What is their function?

Used to remove air from fuel lines before starting.

2. How to divide the automation level of diesel generator sets?

Manual, self-starting, self-starting plus automatic mains conversion cabinet, long-distance three-remote (remote control, telemetry, remote monitoring)

3. Why do we recommend customers to use engine oil recommended by professional companies in sales work?

Engine oil is the blood of the engine. Use professional engine oil to lubricate and dissipate key parts such as bearing bushes and gears of diesel generators, reduce wear and prolong life. If inferior engine oil is used, it will cause bearing bush seizure, wheel grinding, and crankshaft in the engine. Serious accidents such as deformation and fracture, until the whole machine is scrapped.

4. There is a generator set whose voltage and frequency are stable after being loaded, but the current is unstable. What is the problem?

The problem should be that the load of Keguang is unstable, and there is no problem with the quality of the generator.

5. When installing the oil filter, diesel filter, and oil-water separator in the diesel generator set, it is not advisable to use tools to tighten the above three devices too tightly, but only need to rotate them slightly by hand until there is no oil leakage. Why?

Because if it is screwed too tightly, the sealing ring will expand thermally under the action of oil bubbles and body temperature rise, resulting in great stress. Cause damage to the filter housing - or the separator housing itself. What's more serious is that the body dart mother is damaged beyond repair.

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